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Laser Vein Removal for Spider Veins, Varicose Veins and Cherry Angiomas

Just like wrinkles and sagging skin, varicose and spider veins are inevitable signs of aging. Genetics is a major factor behind these unsightly vessels that crisscross our legs and start spreading around our noses, but smoking, birth control and weight gain can all speed up their appearance.

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If you feel self-conscious in your shorts and swimsuits or frustrated with makeup that fails to mask your spider veins, it’s time to stop concealing these imperfections and start revealing a smoother, more even skin tone.

Cobb Dermatology & Aesthetics’ cutting-edge laser vein removal treatments can help improve the appearance of problem vessels in just minutes. This often only requires one treatment and is generally well-tolerated by patients.

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What conditions can be treated?

Cobb Dermatology & Aesthetics’ laser treatments can target various vein conditions, including:
  • Varicose veins – Varicose veins are enlarged, twisted veins that sit just below the surface of the skin and occur most often in the calves and thighs due to the extra pressure on the legs from standing and walking.
  • Spider veins – Also called telangiectasia, spider veins are tiny varicose veins that appear as red or purple clusters. While these broken vessels often branch out on the legs, they can also be found on the face, especially around the nose.
  • Cherry angiomas – These common skin growths develop when blood vessels clump together, creating a raised, cherry-colored bump. Cherry angiomas can show up anywhere on the body, but most frequently appear on the chest, stomach and back.
Dr. Kristen Kuk and Marlee Bryant skin care specialist

How Do Vein Laser Treatments Work?

Using concentrated pulses of light, the medical team at Cobb Dermatology & Aesthetics safely heats, damages and collapses targeted blood vessels. As scar tissue forms, it closes problem veins and directs blood to flow through healthy veins nearby. Eventually, the damaged vein shrinks and dissolves. Laser vein removal is completely non-invasive and relatively painless, making it ideal for a variety of vein conditions.

Why Laser Vein Treatments Are Right for You

  • Results can often be seen within a few days of treatment
  • Cosmetic and health benefits
  • Non-invasive
  • Minimal pain and downtime

Laser Treatment FAQs

What conditions can laser vein therapy treat?

Our laser is able to treat vascular conditions such as spider veins, cherry angiomas and small telangiectasias.  These vessels may be present on the face, torso or extremities. All laser treatments are done on the outside of the skin, so they are completely non-invasive.

Does laser therapy hurt?

Laser treatments take only a few minutes to perform, and the sensation is warm and prickly, but not very painful.

How long does it take for my problem veins to fade?

Usually, the treated area will be pink or red for up to two days after treatment. The problem veins may change in color (to purple or grey) before they fade away. Occasionally, veins need to be treated a second time for complete resolution.

Vein Doctors Near Me in Lynchburg

Take the first step to healthier, more beautiful legs by scheduling your free consultation with Dr. Kristen Kuk. During your visit, Dr. Kuk will examine your problem veins and learn about your health history to determine if laser therapy is the right treatment for you. To learn more, contact Cobb Dermatology & Aesthetics at 434-947-5321.

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