Sagging Skin

Loose Skin Treatment in Lynchburg

In our 30s and 40s, we begin to notice that the skin on our face starts to head south. Our high cheekbones start to deflate, our mouth turns into a permanent frown, and our once-solo chin suddenly doubles.

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The reason our skin loses its structure is because nature messes with its scaffolding. Collagen provides the foundation for firm, youthful skin, but over time, production of this protein stalls, causing the skin to sag. Add to the slowdown a breakdown in elastin, thinning fat pads below the skin, and the earth’s gravitational pull, and you have the perfect storm for sagging skin.

In the past, facelifts were the only option for loose skin, but today, there are non-invasive, non-surgical treatments that can restore your skin’s youthful framework.

Loose skin is gone from the face thanks to skin care specialist

Causes of Loose Skin

  • Weight loss
  • Aging
  • Genetics
  • Sun damage
  • Hormones
  • Diet and lifestyle

Recommended Treatments for Saggy Skin at Cobb Dermatology & Aesthetics

Dermal Fillers

JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® corrects age-related loss in your cheeks to lift sagging skin and sculpt the chin region to refine your profile.


Microneedling with radio frequency restarts collagen and elastin production to help tighten skin, especially around the chin, jawline and neck.

Laser Treatments

Our cutting-edge laser treatments resurface and repair the skin’s surface while heating the deep dermal layers underneath to stimulate collagen production for a tighter, firm appearance.

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