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Almost everyone will face a skincare problem sometime in their life, whether it’s a common skin condition like acne or a chronic skin disorder such as psoriasis.

Dermatology helped this women feel confidence again

When your condition flares, you want more than a prescription – you want a compassionate medical provider who empathizes with your skincare struggles. By understanding your concerns and earning your trust, dermatologist Dr. Carrie Cobb of Cobb Dermatology & Aesthetics can customize a comprehensive care plan to deliver results that exceed your expectations. It’s time to stop searching for a skin specialist in Central Virginia and partner with a dermatologist who puts your needs first.

Advanced Dermatology for a Variety of Conditions

Dr. Cobb’s expertise and experience allow her to provide complete dermatological care for your entire family. As one of Central Virginia’s top dermatologists, she diagnoses and treats skin conditions in patients of every age, from newborns to their great-grandparents, to help ensure healthy skin for life.

Dr. Cobb also serves as Medical Director of The Education & Research Foundation, Inc. This role allows her to offer the Lynchburg community access to promising new treatments for a variety of skin diseases. For more information about clinical trials..

Our Proven Anti-Aging Treatments


Our medical dermatology team treats all types of acne with prescription oral and/or topical medications. Dr. Cobb also works in conjunction with our Medical Aesthetics team to address acne scars


With a long-term treatment plan, you can find relief from the itching and burning of psoriasis plaques and help prevent future flares.

Skin Cancer

Dr. Cobb performs comprehensive skin exams to evaluate concerning skin lesions.


Whether caused by contact dermatitis, eczema or an allergic reaction, rashes can be cleared up with the right medications.

Nail & Hair Disorders

Our dermatology team members are experts in diagnosing and treating hair loss, hair shedding or excess hair as well problematic nail conditions.


Cobb Dermatology & Aesthetics offers a variety of procedures that can treat warts.

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